Password policy enforcement when changing a password


Hi everyone,

If we have Jamf Connect going with Okta and a passcode policy defined for Okta accounts, and the user is required to change their computer password at the next reboot/login, will the Okta password requirements be enforced when the user is setting a new password, or do we need a passcode policy for the computers as well?



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It's been two years since I have used Okta, however, if you require your user to log in to Okta before they can use any and all of your apps... then you can configure Jamf Connect and Okta to accept Jamf Connect log in as the Okta log in .. that way your users are forced to log in to Jamf Connect to get any access to your apps. And then you don't need to local password policy ...however I think I still had a minimum local password profile as a back up ....just like length, days and history. I didn't set it up in Jamf Connect I used "built in" macOS profiles