Password reset with JAMF Connect + Okta

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Afternoon, morning and good day all.

I have a quick question for any sys admins running JAMF + Okta as IDP.

So in this scenario a user is WFH and as they go to login they realised they have forgotten their password.

What is your workflow to get a user back into their mac and passwords synced back up?

(we are in the final stages of setup and deployment of JAMF + Okta)

What I have tested so far is:

User logs ticket (first ofc ;P), as the laptop in this case would be at the FileVault screen so we ask the user to boot into recovery mode and then enter the FileVault key that we provide.

After this we can get them to reset the password (one we specify or they enter) once that is done they can then login locally again.

Once logged in they will then need to enter an Okta reset password provided by us or they can use one they have reset with etc into the JAMF sync box.

This should then sync JAMF connect to the local account and so on.

Please let me know what your workflow is like and if there is a more streamlined method.


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The mac and okta can be different.  If they're locked out of okta, go to admin dashboard -> people <enter username> and select either to send them a password link or provide them with a temporary password.