Random Login Window conflict?

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Hi guys,

I have two seperate pre-stage enrollments. One onboards lab Macs that don't currently use Jamf Connect at all. Those Macs also have a Config Profile applied to them to set their Login Window settings (which shows the username and password fields) and this generally works fine.

Totally unrelated to these macs, I have another prestage enrollment that onboards staff macbooks which use Jamf Connect and should have the Jamf Connect login window which is set by another Config Profile.

Immediately after DEP enrollment I login with Jamf Connect for the first time and everything is working, on subseuqent boots, these Macbooks show our lab Login Window settings, despite nothing related to that Config Profile being scoped to these Macbooks in any way. I can manually sign in using my Jamf connect details by typing them into the username and password fields. Once I'm in, I can then subsequently Log Out from the Apple menu and I'm greeted with the full Jamf Connect login window experience I would expect. If I reboot, it goes back to the lab Login Window and the process can repeat.

I'm very confused here, I can't see how this Macbook knows anything about these Login Window settings - its never touched by any of the config profiles? My intuition is that at some point in the past I created config profiles (lazily) by cloning others and changing settings slightly. Has something in the Jamf Database become messed up or something and somehow applying an old version of a config profile that has been scoped at some point?

FYI the Macbooks are Apple Sillicone, the labs are currently Intel. Everything is latest Monterey 12.5.1.

Any suggestions on how I troubleshoot from here?



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Im looking into this further, and I looked in System Preferences > Profiles on an affected Macbook.

It looks to me like a Config Profile we have deployed with only a Finder payload, is also setting a load of Login Window settings including the banner text at the login page. I don't know why its doing this and have logged a ticket with Jamf support... this seems like a bug to me rather than intended behaviour? Anyone experienced similar?