Simple way to update Jamf Connect 2.6.0 to 2.13.0

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is there by chance a good source to check out a step by step update from Jamf Connect 2.6.0 to 2.13.0 ? I am a little bit lost on which steps to start with first. Do I need to create a test Configuration Profile and deploy it only on one machine etc...

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Then where is a new version, I always:
Remove my test machine om MDM in ASM
EACS it to a clean mac os
Download JC configirator
Make new login and jamfconnect plist file
upload them to jamf pro
move my maschine from non to jamf pro in ASM
change my test prestage to the 2 new config files and the 2 new PKG.

If all work, I change my prod presage and try to reinstall my test machine to prod.

if that work, I push out new config and pkg to my clients

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Thank you. Do you deavtivate or delete old Configuration Profiles once you pushed your new working policies?


When we train our services partners to deliver Jamf Connect integrations to our customers, we emphasize testing everything locally without involving Jamf Pro. Jamf Connect is MDM-agnostic and only requires an MDM for a handful of features like Jamf Unlock and PPPC profiles.

Other than those, you should be able to use Jamf Connect Configuration to create your configuration profiles, install them locally and then double-click the installers to install them locally. When you have the basic authentication settings working locally, copy those settings to Jamf Pro and add additional features like FileVault, Kerberos, menu customizations, etc.

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Definitely test jamf connect thoroughly on a test machine before deploying widely.

Read the patch notes to get an idea of keys that may have changed in between the versions.
Test all the features you use of jamf connect (create an account on a computer, change a password, sync a password, reboot and log in a bunch of times)
If you push a new version of Jamf Connect without testing and they changed the way something works it could result in a lot of people not being able to access their computers.

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As everyone here said, test and test to make sure everything that you are currently using through Jamf Connect is working properly on your test machines or testing participants because when things go wrong with Jamf connect it's really wrong 🙃. With that said, I will install the new version using patch management scoped to my test machines, once the updated version is installed and inventory is collected the new configuration profile is installed using smart groups scoped to the versions of jamf connect. A restart is required within 3 hours just to get a good refresh of the machine to make sure. I use the smart groups to control what configuration profile is scoped to each mac as I was told by Jamf Support this is the way.

Also, the Jamf Connect configuration profiles are built into Jamf Pro now! They haven't always been but it's so helpful to have them in there now, no longer needing to sign configuration profiles when installing pre-stage, sure the packages have to be signed still but it's one less thing.



Is anyone or has anyone seen Jamf's update option built into Jamf Pro already? Has anyone used it and does it also update the JamfConnectLogin.Bundle?
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