Zero touch deployment

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Hey everyone, how can I go about zero touch macOS deployments? What are the Pre-Reqs for it? I have my Policies and apps build out. But device seems to still require a lot of “touch” by IT before providing it to the user.

Any suggestion would be appreciated.


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you need to set up PreStage Enrollments along with apple school manager.  

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mmmh from my perspective I would say you can use DEPNotify or Swiftdialog or SetupMyMac or Octory to trigger chained package deployments and scripts upon EnrollmentComplete trigger


then IMHO using DEP/ADE with prestage enrolment is even better

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I'm trying to understand what would be an ideal way to setup zero touch deployment. I feel like Idon't know enough and I didn't want to accidentally hijack another thread.

Let's say it's a company of 200 people and growing. 90% Mac and 10% Windows.

I'm not sure I understand all the pieces and how things fit together.

Would this work?:

- Jamf for MDM

- Jamf Connect to have everything sync up with Azure AD (and for the Windows laptops)

- Okta for SaaS app access

Is there a better way to do this? Am I missing anything?