Jamf Sync app

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Hey, guys. Started testing Jamf Sync app, since Admin is going away (gone?). I was checking out the documentation and the latest bug fixes list that the upload timeout was changed to an hour to accommodate large uploads, but does not solve issue with files larger than 5GB on a JCDS2 distribution point. This concerns me as my most frequent uploads are Adobe apps and they typically are larger than 5GB. I have not had much success with the web upload of these installers in the past, which is why I continued to use Admin. I am attempting an upload now using Jamf Sync, but I suspect it may just fail as package is larger than 5GB. Progress bar isn't doing much either. What have your experiences been?

Bug fixes

Changed the timeout for uploads to an hour to solve an issue with large uploads. This does not solve the issue with files > 5 GB that are uploaded to a JCDS2 DP.

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