Cannot deploy custom Mac app

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Hello everybody. I'm trying to deploy a custom Mac app (a signed .pkg).

I've added the app, flagged "automatic install" on the blueprint and synced the device. Everything seems okay but it gets stuck on the "[Green check mark] Sent to device" status. How come it has not been installed?

Any way to fix this?


Thanks in advance.


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New Contributor III

Hey @eckpj 

Jamf Fundamentals doesn't have a way to actually validate whether the package contents install successfully. The "Sent to Device" status simply notes that the Mac received the package install command sent by Jamf. 


A troubleshooting next step would be to try to dig into the Install.log on the Mac to look for logs that would explain the causation of the failed install. You can also download Suspicious Package as it is a great tool at inspecting packages and whether they are built properly.


You can also reach out to support as we can inspect the package ourselves and help with the investigative process (