Jamf Now - questions about this with Intune

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I need to manage 2 macs, our Windows devices are in Azure / Intune. I'm looking at Jamf as I've heard its the best solution for macs.

We only have 2 devices and a small business so was looking to use Jamf Now but have a few queries on this setup...


  1. Does Jamf Now work with Intune, all the documentation points to Jamf Pro?

  2. Why do you run Intune & Jamf? They both seem to be similar in what they do (encryption, policies, etc)

  3. Is it viable to just use Intune when its just a few macs? One key thing is we want them to sign into macs using AzureAD accounts?



Intune is bad for Mac, as if do not have released bootstrap token yet.
in your chage with 2 mac, I would just use intune.
If you want to use a lDP login screen, you can buy Jamf connect, as it work with any MDM

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With 2 macs only, you can use intune as you probably already have this license in your company. Yes there are some limitions in workflow etc, but with 2 mac´s you can nearly handle them manually everything