Passcode Set-up not happening with Apple Repaired Devices

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Hello Nation!


I have recently received a few replacement devices from Apple that were (hooray!) already set to recognize my MDM in my Apple Business Manager account. . . however, when starting up the devices, most of my configuration settings are executing as expected, EXCEPT for passcode set-up. . . I double checked my pre-enrollment settings and my configuration profiles and passcodes are still set correctly ("Unchecked" in Pre-enrollment and "Required" in Config. Profiles) but I have to set the passcodes on these devices manually in settings. . . is this expected behavior? 


Slightly concerned because I have a whole new set of devices coming in the next few weeks and want to make sure that I didn't accidentally change or break something prior to booting/setting up this next set of devices. . . 


Thanks in advance for your help!