0 of 0 Partitions Encrypted

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I have a small handful of systems in our environment there are reporting 0 of 0 Partitions Encrypted Below are some points about our FV2 environment:

Systems are actually encrypted, but reporting the 0 of 0 partitions encrypted item
Individual keys are applied
Keys are being escrowed to the JSS
macOS 12 and below use a Jamf Policy for FV2
macOS 13 and above use a Configuration Profile for FV2

Should a user enroll their Mac, already encrypted, we use this script to issue a new FV2 key
Updating inventory does nothing
I have asked a few users to decrypt their Macs and go through the encryption process, but I have not seen the results from that yet.

Has anyone else seen this or have any ideas how to remediate?



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I am seeing this after a recent AD server upgrade. All systems were showing correctly prior to the upgrade. Other issues that were noticed 0 profile were installed. After a restart the installed profile count is back but the Disk Encryption still shows 0 of 0 Partitions Encrypted. Any thoughts would be appreciated.