10.10.3 Released

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Best part: Addresses an issue that could cause Macs bound to an Active Directory server to become unresponsive at startup


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I am having issues creating a monolithic image with 10.10.3. I built an image on a MacBook Pro and uploaded it to the JSS. I netboot the target machine, run my workflow, and then reboot the machine. It keeps coming up with the Circle/Slash saying the OS is no good. We are running JSS 9.65 and Casper Imaging 9.65.

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@joemamasmac Step into the new with AutoDMG. I've had good luck imaging Macs old and new with 10.10.3 images created by AutoDMG.

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@joemamasmac sounds more like a broken image. +1 for AutoDMG in this case, but if you wanted to troubleshoot, try deploying your image to the Mac in target disk mode using disk utility. If it still fails, its not related to Casper.

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I see Apple places a Photos.app icon in the Dock for all local accounts in 10.10.3. Not surprised, but always frustrating.