10.11 non admin user can't print PrinterProxy (Printer Proxy)

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Under our current 10.11 non admin build for junior school students, whenever a student attempts to print they get the following error:

You don't have permission to use the application "PrinterProxy"

The PrinterProxy file that is trying to open is located in the following location:

/Users has been restricted from running any Applications on these machines.

I am guessing this is a El capitan/10.11 issue because I have not seen this is any of our older builds.

Has anyone else had this issue ?



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I've still been scripting sym link and printers to other locations... and had teacher question something which made me test if it's still necessary and I no longer get printerproxy prompts anymore even without allowlisting anything in /Users.


If I copy the printerproxy executable to my desktop, it is blocked, but not when it's in the native printer location.   I put a ticket in with Apple who said "According to my research an exception is made to allow the PrintProxy binaries. I know there were issues in the past where  this payload would block users from printing. "

Just replying back in case others are still scripting this thinking it's still necessary, it may not be.  We are going to do some more testing here.