10.3.6 and Jamf's FV2 Authenticated Reboot

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I have a policy that fires off an FV2 authenticated reboot using the built-in mechanism "Perform authenticated restart on computers with FileVault 2 enabled " under Restart Options. It worked yesterday, but my machine upgraded to 10.13.6 today, and now it does not work. The user interaction window comes up over and over again without ever rebooting. My jamf.log says (time-stamps removed for readability):

: Sending Restart command
: Attempting filevault authenticated restart.
: Error Domain=com.jamfsoftware.task.errors Code=15 "(null)"
: An Error Occurred. Unable to complete reboot command as requested.
: Exception: Restart Failed. Restart Command Unable to Run Successfully
: Regular Restart

...over and over again. Is this a new bug? Something broken by 10.13.6? This really sucks because I was just about to send this policy out to all of my users but without a FV2 Authenticated Reboot, the policy is worthless.


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Forgot to add we're using JAMF Cloud version 10.5.0-t1527689731.

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Ugh, that title should read: 10.13.6 and Jamf's FV2 Authenticated Reboot

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I had a ticket open for something like this and they said there was a bug that they were working with apple on this. Would need to look up the # for this to give you exact info