10.8.5 Update

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I don't have any of the newest generation of Macs to test this, so I was curious if anyone is able to take the time to make a unified, unforked NetBoot image for all 10.8 capable Macs. I'm sure a lot of people would be happy to know the results!


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It was possible to build a "universal" netboot image from the modified version of 10.8.4 that came on the min-2013 hardware. However that build didn't work too well as a universal "standard image"... Hopefully 10.8.5 will fix that.

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Need to look at both the "SupportedModelProperties” and “SupportedBoardIds" in:


ioreg -lp IOService | grep board-id

will tell you the board-id of a machine... plug into


(all of the above info from http://managingosx.wordpress.com/2013/03/15/10-8-3-supported-platforms/

If I have time later today, I'll build a new 10.8.5 master NetBoot image for Casper, but I don't have any new hardware onsite to test today, either (colleague has a new Haswell Air that can maybe try next week)...