10.9.3 NetInstall problem

New Contributor

Seen an issue on our NetInstall server. When I netboot with option or N key it doesn't show the available images.
If I check startup disk's they show. If I select on it reboots but fails to connects and just boot regular.

If I turn netinstall off and on it doesn't work. Only a reboot fixes it; but after a day or so its back to not working.


New Contributor

Hi, I got the same issue. From what I read, bootpd (DHCP) - UDP 67, 68 and tftpd (TFTP) - UDP 69 are prerequisits to Netinstall. On my server thoses ports are turnd off. According to the docs thoses services should be started at boot of Maverick server by launchd. On the client side, I can see the network disk in startup disk in the preference pane but I got absolute no connexion log in the server when trying to boot the client over the network.

Every piece of advice would be great.