Office 2016 version numbers

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I downloaded the full (monolithic) Office 2016 15.14 installer to upgrade my 15.13.1 installation. After the installation I launched Outlook and saw the pop-up letting me know about the ability to make archive files. This definitely confirmed the upgrade worked. I switched over to the Finder and saw modified time stamps on the apps for 3 minutes ago - Also confirming the upgrade. Then I did Get Info on the Microsoft file and the Info window said Version 15.13.1. Back in Outlook, I did About Outlook and it says 15.14 (150911). Back in the Finder, I click on the Microsoft file and press the spacebar to activate Quick Look and it says 15.14.

Am I the only one to see this?


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I saw this but I had installed my full 15.14 composer dmg copy over my 15.13.1 copy. erasing 15.13.1 and installing 15.14 seemed to work for me.

EDIT: resolution steps