1st Line, 2nd Line, 3rd Line Mac issues list

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Guys, I am trying to compile a list of issues that would be considered 1st Line, 2nd Line, 3rd Line in a Mac environment for management. I think they want to see how things are divided up and for future training purposes of IT Staff.

BUT since I work in a highly tech company I don't think we really get that many 1st Line, 2nd line issues so I am not so familiar with those types of tickets ...

What do you guys think such a 1st Line, 2nd Line, 3rd Line issue list would consist of for Macs especially those of you who work in a more non-technical office environment that does not consist of huge numbers of developers.

Sorry this feels like I am asking someone else to do my homework in some way :)

Thank you


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Examples from our environment (a University):

1st line - Password reset or account locking issue, e.g. something that can be resolved quickly by our Service Desk over the telephone. Helping a student configure their laptop to connect to wi-fi (by our library-based helpdesk staff).

2nd line - A paper jam or issue that requires a deskside visit from a member of our End User Support team. Customers also collect new devices that have been set up for them from this team. They also carry out packaging. An Exchange or Outlook issue would usually by dealt with by our IT Operations team.

3rd line - An image is not deploying properly, or an issue has been found in an image. Creation of new images by our User Devices team, or setup and configuration of a new wi-fi network by Infrastructure Services. Development and Integration requirements are also classed as 3rd line.

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For us it would be very similar:

1st - password reset, account locked out, anything that can be resolved in about 5 minutes or less over the phone. This includes some basic how to as well.

2nd - This requires either a little research or going to a persons desk. Sometimes this is for more specialized software as well that certain people use.

3rd - Working on the image, overall, or any engineering job. Dealing with vendors. Making sure that things stay working through new updates.

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Similar to what @roiegat supplied.

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Thanks guys!

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Those are of course ideal roles. The problem is that with the method we communicate today, some people like to jump over the roles and skip to higher level. As a 3rd line engineer, I count on 1st and 2nd line keeping more issues off my plate. But since people know who I am a lot of people who have an issue that is 1st line, they decide to IM or email me instead. So in an ideal situtation, hide who your 3rd line people are.