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Check your caching servers! Cache might be gone :(
Hi All, A vulnerability in the Sparkle Updater Framework that can potentially be exploited via man-in-the-middle attacks has been disclosed. I've been looking into it with a few folks on the MacAdmins Slack]( & with the help of @Banks (...
Hi All, Awesome, awesome JNUC! (more on that to come). I had a couple of conversations with people about icons to use for scripts, slides, Self Service & Munki Managed Software Centre. Well i've a method i've used for years & assumed everyone else di...
Hi all, I've just posted something about AutoCasperNBI, AutoImagrNBI & El Capitan TL:DR It's coming, but not yet & help appreciated.
Hi all, Peter & I have been working on merging my ADPassMon fork with the Main project. We hope to have a single project, & a single wiki going forward for ADPassMon. For now we have a pre-release version we would very much like more people to test: ...