300 iPads need to automate Room Numbers ... Any Ideas?

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We are trying to deploy 300 iPads in a hospital setting and need to assign these iPads to specific room numbers. These iPads will utilize the Healthcare Listener protocol in Jamf as well. I was told about an app called The Mut, which is pretty cool but still requires a manual input process. Is there any way that I can utilize some kind of Rest API or script to make this happen? I would like to associate serial numbers with room numbers and have it populate in the JSS. I appreciate any help in advance.


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Hi, how did you solve the Issue in the End (?) did you got Assistance through 3rd Party
I would like to associate a particular ABOUT Name correlating to the Serial Number.
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I believe @ejboyd had to do this manually at their first deployment 3 years ago, but it may be automated now (or able to be provisioned by someone other than the Jamf admin).

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@dubprocess , you should watch the middle of the JNUC 2018 keynote video, to see the technical overview of how Ohio State University deployed 11,000 iPads to incoming students over the summer. Lots of good insights in there.

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I would look into utilizing "inventory preload" to automate things like location and room number.

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If you are trying to do this after they are already deployed using a spreadsheet, consider using the MUT (https://jssmut.weebly.com)