6-digit passcode iPad issue

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Hello! I'm utilizing JAMF Pro for our school's MDM solution and have been encountering a strange issue lately where a newly configured iPad does not retain it's config profile requirement for 6-digit passcodes. 

Every iPad we set up receives several Configuration Profiles, one of which is the 6-digit Passcode. However, recently after setting the passcode the device stops asking for it almost immediately after receiving the push to install apps associated with it's static device group.

I've been trying to determine the cause of this issue and would appreciate being pointed in any possible direction! 


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Hello @JohnG7

It seems you’re facing a common issue where iPads are not retaining the 6-digit passcode configuration profile.
Ensure there is no other profile that might be conflicting with the passcode requirement. Sometimes, a restriction profile might be installed that prohibits changing the passcode.
Verify that the scope of the configuration profile is correctly set. If the scope is not set properly, the passcode enforcement may not work as expected.
If a device has an unknown passcode, you can clear it by going to the device record in Jamf Pro, then Management > Clear Passcode. This will prompt the device to require a new passcode within 59 minutes.
Update Jamf Pro and iOS: Make sure that both Jamf Pro and the iPad’s iOS are updated to the latest versions. Outdated software can sometimes cause unexpected behavior.
Try removing the configuration profiles from the affected iPads and then reapplying them. This can sometimes resolve issues that occur due to profiles not being applied correctly the first time.

I hope this will help you.
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