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Jamf Pro 11.2.0 Beta Now Available!

Hello Jamf Nation! Jamf Pro 11.2.0 Beta is now released Now with Dark Mode!! There are also many new features and fixes, please view the release notes for further information. How to join the beta: Enroll in the Beta Program under Product Feedback at...  View more

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Application Management

Hi All,I'm still gaining my footing as a person in the security sector while trying to manage Macs in our environment with Jamf Pro. We have protection software such as CrowdStrike and Rapid 7. I tried searching through the community, but I'm not fin...  View more

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802.1x LAN Profile

Hi allApologies if this has been answered already but we are trying to push an 802.1x LAN profile down to our macOS devices.We have managed to push the wireless equivalent down with a certificate etc however when we try and create the LAN equivalent ...  View more

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ClientID Variables not setting on ad bind

Hey Everyone, I am trying to get Macbooks fresh off of a prestage enrollment rename to the serial number using $SERIALNUMBER in the clientid of the directory payload. It doesn't seem to be working. Do I have the variable wrong? Are there other parts ...  View more

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Big Sur Profile Issue

I created a PPPC profile for Code42 and get the following error:Install Configuration Profile Code42 | CrashPlan In the payload (UUID: FCE428BE-36C1-489B-8D3C-76804F03DADF), the key 'Authorization' has an invalid value.  View more

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iCloud restrictions not enforced in Big Sur

I'm experiencing an issue with iCloud restrictions not being enforced, curious if anyone else has encountered this issue? The goal is to disable: iCloud Drive, Desktop & Documents sync, Keychain, Photos, Bookmarks, and Find My. The issue appears when...  View more

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DisplayLink and Intel Macs

The current app for Display link doesn't support ClamShell mode for the macs. I have found out that the older version 5.25 works, but requires a kernel extension to work. I have had that whitelisted forever with a configuration profile and have had n...  View more

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Zoom IOS - Post install Permissions

Hi - After deployment on IOS and first login, Zoom on IOS is asking for the following permissions and I am hoping someone can help confirm if they can be set via a config profile (and how) or not. "Zoom" would like to find and connect to devices on y...  View more

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Apple Configurator Trust Issue with iPads

I am trying to use Apple Configurator 2 (AC2) to "DFU" multiple iPads at once. Some of the iPads, however, will not allow AC2 to transition the iPad from the booted OS into recovery mode. The only way to allow it is to either reboot the iPad into rec...  View more

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Issue with two SSIDs in network config (Big Sur)

In our environment, we have two different SSIDs, one for the 2.4 GHz band and one for the 5 GHz band. We authenticate with TLS using a certificate. Initially, we had only one SSID configured through Jamf and set to auto join. The certificates are als...  View more

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iOs Wifi WPA2 Enterprise issue

Hi everyone I'm having an issue regarding an iOs configuration profile.I'm trying to deploy some wifi settings to my users. It's a hidden Wifi network with a WPA2 Enterprise security.The username field is set with "$username".The password field is le...  View more

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iMac Azure SSO extention

I am currently in progress of setting up 30 iMacs for the music department. These will be shared iMacs and used by multiple students. On our windows machines we have SSO enabled so when users login with their AD credentials and open Microsoft Word fo...  View more

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Big Sur Remote Enrollment Missing Profiles

I have enrolled a computer on osx 11.4 using recon's remote enrollment. The computer now appears in my inventory (yay) and is running some policies (yay) and even launches self service (yay) But self service briefly instructs me to approve the MDM Pr...  View more

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Ability to lock down AirPlay by MAC address?

First off, I'm a Windows Sys Admin, and we're rolling out Macs and using jamf. Love the software, and love the OS, and realize you can't compare and lock things down the same, but still trying to secure our environment with how I and upper management...  View more

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Hi,can somebody help me with a script to disable LaunchDaemons?I need to push this out to all systems and wanted to see if I could do it without the need to go to each system for OSX 10 AND 11. NSA Identified Exploit Vectors Disable each with “sudo l...  View more

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Configuration Policy and Lightspeed Smart Agent

I have been working on setting up our Lightspeed smart agent to push out using JAMF over the last couple of weeks and keep running into problems. My current dilemma is with Lightspeed Relay Agent 1.6 and the system extension. I have a configuration p...  View more

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New in jamf : only numeric code for iOS in 6 digits

Hi, i try some parameters in profil, but can't find the way to force user to add a code into 6 digit and only numeric.always if i use the parameters size of code the prompt ask for a code with charcaters and numeric. If i only check the code requier,...  View more

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Customise Control Centre - iOS

Is it possible to customise Control Centre via a configuration profile on an iPad? I'm specifically trying to add items to Control Centre via Jamf for a remote client. I've looked through all the options available when creating a new profile and the ...  View more

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Search Domains

Hi All, We are finding some ISP's are setting Search Domains on their wifi and this is interfering with access to sites like gitlab.com Is there any way we can remove this? Looks like its greyed out and cannot remove.  View more

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depnotify-script-based-install - DEPNotify-Starter

Up until recently, we have been using a script "depnotify-script-based-install" based on the https://github.com/jamf/DEPNotify-Starter instruction. But since Big Sur we are finding it no longer kicks off by itself. We have to boot the iMac, it picks ...  View more

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macOS Big Sur Deprecated Media Restrictions

Noticed on the restrictions payload in configuration profiles that Media Restrictions are listed as deprecated after macOS 10.15. Does anybody know if there is an alternative method for blocking external drives in Big Sur?  View more

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