9.100.0 Release Missing Recon.exe?

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Is Recon.exe for Windows machines slowly dying out with no more such option in the future? So far the latest release where it works is 9.61 and it is sort of working, it captures the machine name/hardware specs ok, but the user information has to be then entered manually on JSS...

Now, on the newest 9.100.0 release I don't see Recon.exe at all, any info on that?


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Looks like it was mentioned here:

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Oh no... well that sucks

Thanks for the info Steve.

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I was hoping they might recreate recon for chrome books, but looks now like this will put the nail in the coffin for devices other than Apple checking in.

Gabe Shackney
Princeton Public Schools

Gabe Shackney
Princeton Public Schools

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Not sure why they suddenly decided to no longer support Recon.exe...

We now have to think of implementing additional tracking tool specifically for Windows PCs or switching from Casper completely to something else...

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I think it was even posted earlier than 9.1 that recon.exe was going to be dropped.


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This was a big surprise to us as part of the reason we purchased this was to use it for our pending campus inventory data collection. Now I'm scrounging to try and find an alternative PC data collection method. All we need to do is gather basics (computer name, model, serial, and who it's issued to) so I can upload it into our new ticketing system; Recon.exe was the perfect solution (until we get PC management in place).

Does anyone have any recommendations? All I'm able to find is network scanning software that can collect this and I need something I can run on each computer. I tried scripting a batch file that would just add the info to a csv as we go, but I'm having trouble getting it to pull all the information I need and format it in a way that wouldn't take me weeks to make useful.

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@johnsonj For Windows systems my school district uses PDQ Inventory, and has been happy enough with it to renew their license for 5+ years.

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Hi all,

I took a quick look, and it appears we first announced Recon.exe being removed from future versions in the 9.99 release notes under the Deprecations and Removals section ( http://docs.jamf.com/9.99.0/casper-suite/release-notes/Deprecations_and_Removals.html ), which was released on May 23, 2017.

Recon.exe will continue to be supported through December 31, 2017, as mentioned in the Release Notes.

Were Wulff
Jamf Support


The fact that the system can inventory both Macs and PCs, is a major selling point here at the university. Without this feature, I am not sure I am going to continue to have the buy-in that I have here.

I am sorry but I do not see why they would want us to start looking at other software. If I am not mistaken Cisco Meraki can handle pretty much all platforms. True it may not be as good as Jamf, but it is one system.

Here is to hoping they see the error of their ways.