9.62 post imaging timing heads up with startup trigger

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Our configs have 'at reboot' post image scripts that install software via a manual triggered policy after enrollment is confirmed.

I'm noticing in 9.62, before those post image scripts run, it's running a check for policies triggered by startup. There are a few software patches I push ongoing on startup scoped to smart groups. Those startup tasks are actually installing before my post image triggered policies get a chance to run.

So far, enrollment is taking long enough that there haven't been any timing issues with this for me, so just heads up for anyone out there as this is new behavior I've never seen before (production is 9.32).


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I've seen this too but didn't recognize why until you spelled it out. Thanks @CasperSally][/url.

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We currently don't use CI for Mac builds, so used to run into this issue quite frequently. I worked around it by creating an EA that populates 'Yes' if a certain dummy file is found on the Mac. All my smart groups that get policies scoped to them have as part of their criteria that this EA is populated with 'No.' So no policies will be scoped to a new build. At the end of the build we remove this dummy file, recon the Mac again, and it becomes part of the production population.

EDIT: NOte that the mac still checks for policies, just nothing ever applies.

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Thanks for the workaround if we need it.

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We do similar to what @acdesigntech mentions. BUT, we don't delete the file.. In fact we scope all policies to what that file is.

This is outlined at this post: https://macmule.com/2014/12/21/my-casper-imaging-workflow/