9.65 Casper Imaging not erasing drive

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Has anyone experienced an issue with Casper Imaging 9.65 skipping the "erase target drive" process? I have seen this issue with both target disk mode imaging and Netboot imaging. My netboot images were created with AutoCasperNBI (10.10.3 and 9.65). Here is what the log shows:

Initializing Imaging Process...
Mounting afp://xserve05.pisd.prosper-isd.net/CasperShare...
Preparing disk for block copy...
Performing Block Copy of osx-10.10.3-14D131.dmg...

Note that after the Mounting, there should be a line that states "Erasing Macintosh HD..." but it is missing. I've verified that the netboot image has the diskless booting checked. Also, I am able to use disk utility to erase the drive. Any ideas?



Do you checked the box? Erase hdd?
And we are using (jss 9.62) the latest casper imaging, so try casper imaging 9.72.

Maybe it will help you out

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Hey mvught, thanks for the response.

Yes, I have the box checked. I've also unchecked and re-checked to verify. I've done some further testing and discovered the following:

I downloaded and tested each of the following versions of Casper Imaging: 9.7, 9.71, 9.72, 9.63, 9.64

9.7 - Does not erase
9.71 - Does not erase
9.72 - Does not erase
9.63 - Does indeed erase but block copy does not work

I tried to test 9.64 but the download does not appear to be working for me at this time.

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@chenderson - do you have FV enabled on the drive? If so, you have to erase the drive manually (or use a script to do it) before casper imaging runs.

We use 9.65 and erases ok.

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@CasperSally Nope, FV is not enabled.

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What machine? New from factory? Wonder if CoreStorage is enabled for the volumes you are trying to erase, and that's the issue (Apple's been shipping Yosemite machines recently with CoreStorage enabled so it's easier to enable FileVault2). Casper Imaging is iffy with being able to wipe CS volumes.

@bentoms had it working at his site with 9.65, but I've had no luck with 9.72 or falling back to 9.65 at another site:


you should be able to open up Terminal, do a diskutil list, then do diskutil corestorage revert /dev/disk(x) (where (x)= device name of the disk you are trying to wipe).

Your OS package does have a priority of 1, right?

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@RobertHammen I've seen the issue on several models, MacBook Air (13-inch Mid 2011), 15-inch MacBook Pro (Mid 2010), MacBookAir7,2, iMac Intel (21.5-inch, Mid 2011). None of these are new from the factory. The MacbookAir7,2 is a newer shipment that did ship with Yosemite. I checked it for CoreStorage, but it was not found. I also confirmed that my OS package is set to a priority of 1.