9.8 is out...

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Would be good to hear your experiences upgrading to the new version, good or bad!


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It works locally because we did put in a symlink with 9.8 to compensate for /usr/local/bin/jamf and /usr/local/bin/jamfAgent not usually being part of the default system path; it just seems that some scripts (that do not have the full /usr/sbin/jamf path typed out, and just call the jamf binary as jamf dothething) and some programs are having issues with recognizing it.

While we do know that it doesn't work with pre-9.8 versions with our apps, why it doesn't work with versions of other apps would be something that would likely require opening up a case so your Technical Account Manager could look into it further, or checking any documentation you may have for the program to see if there is any mention as to how it handles symlinks.

Edit to add: Or you could take a peek at the thread @rtrouton posted about two seconds before I hit post. There is some good info there and it looks like the template he posted should get ARD working for you again.

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