9.96 Upgrade Issues


Anyone who has upgraded to 9.96 seen any bizarre behaviors in their clustered environment?


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I enabled Patch Reporting the week after it first became available and we had issues with the JSS within days of enabling PR. If I recall, the issues really started increasing when I started using PR's with smart groups and policies.
Yesterday, I enabled Patch Reporting for three items and the JSS hasn't shown any issues.
- We are at JSS version 9.99.0 and MySQL 5.7.18
- I've only enabled it for three items.
- I haven't yet incorporated the PR into smart groups, scoping, nor policies yet. I am going to wait a few more days before I start using PR for these purposes.

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@seann @CasperSally @jhalvorson Thanks!

We upgraded to 9.96 back in December and enabled patch reporting a few couple months later. Started with a few software titles and ended up with 8. Around then the JSS would slow down periodically, things got much worse over the past few weeks. Regular slow downs, high cpu/memory usage, JSS not responding and requiring a reboot every other day. We opened a case with Jamf and was not offered a hot fix for patch reporting (maybe because we are going to upgrade to 9.99 as part of the case), we removed some older smart groups with lots of criteria and bumped up server resources. Things were running better but not perfect, yesterday I disabled patch reporting and watched the cpu time drop from 99% to idling at single digits. Woo hoo, fingers crossed this was the culprit. Will let things settle for a week and then upgrade to 9.99. It was nice having the patch reporting pie charts and alerts but the value stopped there. I am looking forward to Jamf Pro 10 with possible automated patching and revamped Self Service app.