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With a clean install of macOS 12.6 we are unable to print to Windows Server 2022 print queues over SMB. Local printer gets paused and CUPS shows error “unable to connect to printer”. Updating from 12.5.1 to 12.6 does not experience this issue, so far...
For shared devices not using "Shared iPad" we lock down the apps and Home Screen. In iPadOS 15 users can remove apps from the Home Screen and they get sent to the App Library. Also by default there are a few widgets and the ability to add more. Anywa...
On T2 Macs we have to allow booting from external media in some cases. Other options are to use internet recovery or MDS. The new M1 Macs allow external booting by default, just like the old Mac days. To make things consistent across old Mac, T2 Mac ...
Recently I had to wipe and re-enroll a couple of these old devices and they will not activate. Wiping via AC 2.7 or via on-screen GUI gives the same results, full functionality but does not activate. The big problem is that you can not install profil...