ABM Supervised mode & Configurator Supervised mode

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Hi All,

I have a question which I cant find a definitive answer for online anywhere so I'm hoping someone here knows.

If a mobile device that isn't in my Apple Business Manager is enrolled using Apple Configurator, does that device then go into my Apple Business account? My belief is that only devices purchased from our reseller of choice go into our Apple Business account.

My concern is that a device enrolled using configurator is great, and its supervised, but then the user goes and runs a factory wipe and suddenly the device is now a blank personal device with no way of getting it back into supervised mode.


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There is the ability that an iOS or tvOS device can be added to AxM via configurator, however, that is a temporary assignment and the user has a 30 day period where they can opt out of that. Automated Enrollment via devices added to AxM by a reseller is definitely the easier method.