Mac Lost mode "pinging"

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When you put an iOS device in lost mode, it will start making the pinging sound.... is there a way to do the equivalent on a Mac? We have an MBA (M1, if that matters) that is missing, it's still on the network, but we can't physically locate it. 


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On the Mac side there is no lost mode in Jamf. You can send commands like pin locking it. If it's still on the network, can you see who last logged into it? The other option is to create a bash script to infinitely play alert sounds from /System/Library/Sounds

So, the bash scirpt will be something like this:

while :
      afplay /System/Library/Sounds/Submarine.aiff
     sleep 1

exit 0

Then add this script to a policy and scope to the mac. 

I tested this on a device, as this could be useful should it work. My main concern is if the MacBook is closed, as they usually don't check in until they are at least opened. But... I tested it on a device and ran into a problem. I don't know how to end the sound, haha.

Just stop the policy from running

I ran it in Script Editor as a test, and the stop button does nothing. Force quitting does not end it either. I am about to log out and back in as a last resort.

A bit unrelated from the thread, but thought it would be good to know, nonetheless.


go to enter the Apple ID that is on the Mac, you will need the user to help you with this, ie his/her password and cell phone... and from there, find my Mac, and make it sing!


That is assuming that a user signed in to icloud with find my mac enabled on that mac.