Acrobat DC and Adobe RUM - options?

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Not sure if I'm missing something....

Acrobat 11.x is compatible with the Adobe Remote Update Manager using the "--channelID=Pro--11.0.0--osx10--AdobeAcrobatXIPro-11.0" string.

However, I cannot find a matching channelID OR --ProductVersion string for Acrobat DC. Am I simply missing it due to lack of caffeine this AM, or did Adobe REALLY leave it out? Was hoping to not have to push a package out but just include it with our normal CC updates.


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One and only bump... anyone? I'll just package it up if not, but really frustrating if there isn't a way to do the current version via RUM.

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May as well grab the updaters from their page:

After all, Adobe has a lot of scripters to feed...holy cat crap Batman! Yea, I know, this is for XI, but worth trolling Adobe.