activating jamf pro on windows

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Can anyone guide me on how to use jamf pro and add devices to Jamf pro on a windows device. Any Help will be appreciated



Do you mean installing Jamf Pro as an MDM on Windows?  That would not be supported.

You can look at for the current supported platforms.  Look under the Computer and Mobile Device Management section for current versions supported.


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If you are looking for instruction on how to setup JAMF Pro there are several guides. If you need more assistance setting up JAMF Pro you may want to reach out to your JAMF Rep. 

Setting Up Jamf Pro - Jamf Pro Installation and Configuration Guide for Windows | Jamf

Jamf Pro Getting Started Guide | Jamf


JAMF Pro's users guide can be found here.

Jamf Pro Documentation | Jamf


Adding devices to JAMF Pro cannot be done until after the JAMF instance is setup. There are three different ways of enrolling devices depending on how your JAMF instance is setup, or what your organization wants.

Enrollment with Jamf Pro - Jamf Pro Documentation | Jamf