Activating Office Apps on iPads using App Configuration

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Activating Office Apps on iPads using App Configuration

Hey all,

I work at a college and we have enterprise office which includes mobile office apps.
I have all the iPads managed in JAMF and all the communication is working properly. The apps are pushed down to the iPads with no problems. However, I want to use one login for the the Office apps instead of having students use their own and forgetting to log out.

Does anybody know of a method to get this to work? I'm thinking it would have to be some code put into the App Configuration, or a Single Sign-On policy, however I haven't been able to find any information on this.

Any help would be appreciated.


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Office for iOS is available to 365 customers. Users are entitled to 5 licenses for computers and 5 for mobile devices. Whatever you are trying would fail as soon as you go over that limit since you can't activate more than that limit. This is actually good from a licensing standpoint because you don't have to worry about managing and staying in compliance with licensing. From a mobile cart standpoint, it isn't so good since users will forget to log out as you mentioned. But reach out to Microsoft and provide them feedback.

Perhaps you can just make sure the apps are uninstalled and re-installed before re-deploying to a new user.