Active Directory and Mobility Configuration Profiles

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Anyone have any luck using Mobile Homes for users with Active Directory Accounts?

As of right now, I am able to login users, and get the synced home settings but have no idea where the heck it's syncing to. I filled in the Profile > Home folder to the SMB Share I want it to sync it's files to, but they don't show up. I checked for the files in the location we have a Group Policy pointing to for when they login to PC's but there are not files there either.

My Active Directory Binding looks as follows:

Authentication information is filled in (and works) User Experience: Create mobile account on Login is checked.

For the Mobility Settings, they are as follows:

Create mobile account when user logs in to network account is checked Account Expiry is set to 1 week Home Sync Rules are only set to ~/Desktop and ~/Documents and excluding the defaults Preference Sync Rules are empty Options is set to show status and to sync automatically every 20 minutes

Is there anything I am missing or maybe just a misconfiguration somewhere?


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I figured out my issue, for the most part. I enabled viewing Hidden Files on my Windows Server that is holding the home drive and there the files were!

I'm only running into one issue now, which is syncing not working on logout of AD Accounts, even though the setting is on in the Mobility Payload. Login, Manually and Automatically work perfectly.

Anyone run into this issue and care to share their solution(s)?