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I'm looking to create some "event" based tasks for our JSS but am wondering if there's a websocket to listen to for events instead of subscribing to all available webhooks?
I think it's because of the length of my username, but I was wondering if it's something wrong with my browser or if it's a bug with JAMF Nation. I've cleared cache and tried Firefox and Chrome. The issue persists through both browsers.
I made a Mac App that extracts the Wifi Address from any iDevice that's connected as well as it's Serial Number, for easy importing into your Asset Manager/Wifi Database (in case you use Mac Address filtering on your wireless as we do). Please take a...
I have a class that has 28 devices in it from a static mobile device group. On a teachers iPad, it shows 25 students and when refreshed jumped down to 22 students. On my iPad, it shows 28 students consistently. Has anyone else had this issue? If so, ...
Whenever I send a Device Lock command, the message I enter does not appear on the device. Is there some setting I need to set for this to work? The device locks immediately but lacks the message I enter