Active Directory - much longer login time for Mobile versus Network login

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I've been setting up some labs with new iMacs for the beginning of semester down in Oz.

Machines are all bound to AD and use the local time server that AD uses. Machines are all Mac OS 10.15.3. I'm using the Apple client for binding

I'm seeing login times when machines are configured for Mobile accounts of 15-16 minutes versus for Network accounts 2-3 minutes. That's only the first time. A repeat login on the same machine is always much faster.

Is this normal behaviour?


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not quite 15-16 minutes, but I have seen it take 3-4 minutes on a first login (as timed with a stopwatch) all the way to the point when I am able to do things in the Finder. Network accounts don't take as long for sure, but given our environment, I have no choice but to use mobile ones.