AD binding not happening automatically

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Hi all,

I'm new to the Jamf Pro world and am trying to figure things out. Jamf 100 is in the books and I'm getting approval to take 200.

Ive been playing around with prestages, policies to install apps, config files to add wifi and stuff. It's all going well so far.

The one thing I can't get to work is AD binding. I originally had it in the prestage but Jamf support said it would be better as a configuration file but neither have worked. I still have to go in to directory utility to manually bind it.



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Go with NoMad & NoMad Login or Jamf Connect - Native macOS ADBinding = Hot Garbage & yes throw plists out the window & use config profiles. I've created a plist & configuration profile, both were identical as far as what settings were applied to the machine, plist was hit or miss when deployed & config profile was solid everytime.

Jamf Connect Cost a little bit BUT, being new to the Jamf World, its a worthwhile investment.

Jamf Connect

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