AD home directory not mapping when logging in after Casper suite 9.2 upgrade

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I recently upgraded our Casper suite installation on our virtual Windows Server 2008 R2 server as we now have a few Mavericks 10.9 installs in our school.

Active Directory home directory mappings, either through AFP or SMB, have stopped working at logon. The Network Home icon in the Dock is a question mark.

I can still map the home directory folder through the 'Connect to Server....' option in Finder.

Not sure what has happened here?????



Same thing happened to me. Later found out that if you are using the loginwindow.plist to manage your computers this will happen. As soon as I disabled this configuration profile the users network drive showed up correctly on the dock. JAMF knows of this issue.

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See this:

Wrote a script as a work around for it. Feel free to try it on Mavericks in a test environment. (I haven't yet so can't tell you the outcome -- probably will work but I can't say for sure)

Script here: