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Jamf Pro 11.5.0 Beta is Now Available

Hello Jamf Nation!We have several exciting new features including new Login functionality, Managed Software Updates enhancements, Packages page redesign, and more! You can find more information in the release notes when you enroll.Starting with the J...  View more

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Using Configurator 2

So we are playing around with using Configurator 2 (now available in the App store) to configure some of our iPads. One quirk we ran into is the server URL you use to set up your MDM in Configurator 2. We discovered you need to use the URL: https://j...  View more

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Different Extension Attributes based on WebApp?

I'm seeing an odd issue that if I run sudo jamf recon when connecting through our DMZ webapp, a new extension attribute I create doesn't get checked (I can see which ones its checking by using "-verbose"). I would have figured that the extension attr...  View more

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Mac Pro (trash can) and El Capitan / OS 10.11

Anyone seeing issues with new Mac Pro's and OS 10.11. Getting the "Yosemite Boot Hang" progress bar thing. Does not happen with any install of of 10.10.5, either manually or using Casper Imaging. This looks like the AMD video card issue / symptoms, w...  View more

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Packaging up Apple packages with rootless mode in 10.11

One of the common methods that I've used to package up some software is to add them as resources in a package and call them via a postinstall script. I don't do this super often but sometimes I do this because it ensures that I can run that one insta...  View more

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Blocking El Capitan install from the App store

Hi, Does anyone have a way to block El Capitan installing if it's downloaded from the App Store without blocking the app store itself? I've created a restricted software policy which looks for 'Install OS X El Capitan' as an exact match and assigned ...  View more

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SS Upgrade to 10.11 with FV

We started a pilot of FV, it's not on a lot of machines, but it is on some. What changes would I need to be aware of for the SS upgrade workflows? The users do not have rights to security & privacy, so any decrypt would need to be handled by policy.....  View more

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Reclaiming VPP managed apps

Does anyone have the workflow on how to pull back managed apps from multiple users at one time and a separate workflow on individual users too.  View more

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Upgrade to 9.81

FYI we just ran into an issue with our upgrade from 9.8 to 9.81. With 9.81 there is an attempt to add an index to jss_access_logs for the timestamp_epoch column. The thing is that our database already had that index and thus failed out when the JSS s...  View more

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El Capitan - Login Window images no longer blurred

Nice change in the 10.11 builds. Images used for custom login screens no longer need to be messed with. Of course the install of 10.11 blew out the /Library/Caches folder, but the good news is that if you need/want a custom login window, they look go...  View more

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QuickAdd / Management Account at Casper Imaging

How does the Management Account get created and applied during Casper Imaging, there must be a QuickAdd.pkg that gets created and is possibly hidden somewhere, because I am not adding it in the Casper Imaging Config. Every Mac I am imaging with Caspe...  View more

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Untouchable Core Services Directory in ElCapitan?

I normally modify a few things in the Core Services directory when prepping a new build config, such as persistent apps and Captive Network Assistant...Looks like in 10.11 that directory is completely off-limits. I can't even make changes manually wh...  View more

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OS Upgrade as Standard User?

We are having an issue with the upgrade on our student MacBooks. I've followed the technical paper on "Deploying OS X v10.7 or Later with the Casper Suite": dragged the Install app to Casper Admin, Cache the app, Install Cached. However, when the com...  View more

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JSS 9.81 Step 3 for ciphers server.xml update

We upgraded our JSS to v9.81 (from 9.61) and that appears to have gone according to plan. We have a question, though, on Step #3 about modifying the server.xml file on a windows server for "Ciphers for Tomcat HTTPS Connections". https://jamfnation.ja...  View more

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VPP Assignments - scoped to users?

Maybe I'm having a brain fart here, or I just haven't figured out the logic, but we just purchased a few licenses of an App via VPP using the MDM method - we upgraded our JSS to v9.81 and forced the content into our JSS and are now trying to use VPP ...  View more

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Switch from user assigned to device assigned apps

Does anyone know the best way to switch from User assigned apps to device assigned? New apps it's not an issue but figuring out the best way to convert the rest of the apps to device assigned is a different story. Do we need to unscope the apps on th...  View more

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9.81 Installation Reports - Gotchas ?

I'm very interested to hear how 9.81 works for people. I'm still at 9.73. I didn't move to 9.8 as it looked like there were a few problems. Hoping that is all resolved in 9.81. Do the Self Service issues of 9.8 seem to be worked out ?  View more

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Recon 9.81 generated QuickAdd failing to install

I generated a QuickAdd pkg using Recon 9.81. Our JSS is still on 9.73. The client I'm testing on is 10.10.5. However I continue to get this error message "Failed to enforce the management framework: Invalid Message - The message could not be parsed."...  View more

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Simple bash scripting question

Guys how do I remotely mount network shares that contain people's usernames but do it in a bash script i.e. matches the following variable:$ echo $USER I have tried the following:$ myusername=$USER$ open 'cifs://Some_Remote_Network_Share/$myusername$...  View more

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Self Service and Free Apps on iOS without an Apple ID

I've been toying around in 9.81 on an iPad Mini on 9.0.1. One thing I've noticed is that while paid apps install without an Apple ID just fine, free apps like Self Service or VLC Player do not. They keep prompting every three minutes or so for you to...  View more

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Find My Mac - reused computers

I received an email from a user today who told me his old computer is showing up under his Find My Mac account. The computer was reimaged and given to a new person. The original user sees the computer's current location and new name and (I assume) he...  View more

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Problems with the enrollment user experience

I'd like to simply provide new Mac users with our enrollment URL and have everything happen automagically from there. However I'm running into several issues that make it a less than smooth user experience. I wonder if anyone else has encountered the...  View more

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