AD Home Folder on Mojave

New Contributor

Just updating our labs to Mojave from Yosemite this summer . We have a script that redirects using symlinks the Documents folder to the Documents folder in their AD home path.

We have Mojave domain joined with the 'Use UNC path from Active Directory to derive network home location' ticked as before but it does not seem to act as it once did. When we login as an AD user. in the dock we get a globe icon that is their home folder, but it is not mapped in finder until we actually click that globe, which makes our login script to redirect not work as it is not listed in /Volumes until the globe is clicked.

Is there some new preference I need to adjust to make it actually mount on login? I have pushed 'AllowUnknownServers=True' to to get rid of the prompt that would pop up when clicking the globe/home folder dock icon.