AD users unable to log on


I'm having two issues right now that might be separate, but both result in the users not being able to log on.

The first issue is the login prompt saying "Network Accounts Unavailable". This happens randomly in the one lab and also with some of the Macbook carts. Sometimes it will go away after a few moments, occasionally it will spin for a while before bouncing as if a wrong password was entered, or other times we will restart and hope it lets us log on.

The other issue I see is after putting in a password, the screen changes as if it's logging on but it will show the non-colored spinning symbol. Sometimes it logs on after 10 minutes or so, but usually we have to restart the computers so they can be used for class.

Are there any settings I can check within JAMF or on the Macs that might fix this or at least provide more information? It only seems to occur on shared computers and only on Macs.


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Happens Randomly… ?

Check System Preferences / Date & Time ; Ensure that your NTP matches that of your AD Server.


It's never consistently the same computers. I'll check the next one that it happens but, but the date and time settings were set during imaging to use our DC as NTP.

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I had a similiar issue crop up this year. it sees everytime AD does a USN update a few users/machines are affected. I have changed the start up time on a few. Macbooks are all wireless with a WPA2 config, so that solved that issue. what I am seeing is users logging in before the lovely red "Network unavailable" gum drop has gone. what this does is creates a local account (mobile) that you can locate at /System/Library/CoreServices/Directory delete the account, unbind from AD reboot rebind to AD ( or use a script if you have one). inform th e users to wait until the gum drop has disappeared, then login. started a soft rollout of 10.9.2 have not seen this issue yet

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LSinNY - I've just come across another machine displaying the behavior.
I browsed to /System/Library/CoreServices/Directory but was unable to locate anything resembling a user profile. Am I looking in the wrong place or missing something?