Add ability to set EAs during Prestage enrollment

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Would be extremely helpful to be able to set EAs during prestage enrollments.

For example. We use an EA for machine purpose/role (FacStaff, Shared, Labs, etc). It would be nice to be able to say "everything that enrolls with this prestage is a lab machine" so setting that EA to "Labs".



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You may be able to achieve something workable using smart groups and the "Enrolment method" criteria.

However, I've often wanted for what I'd describe as "computed" Extension Attributes whose value is calculated and derived from other data (without having to run logic on the user's endpoint or via an external system using API calls). I think maybe that's what you're asking for here also?

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Yup, this is kinda what we do (really, we have DEPNotify run on enrollment and that sets the EAs). But for labs, with Big Sur, where you don't have to interact with the machine at all for ADE enrollment to complete, being able to set that Role automatically during enrollment (without a policy, smart group, etc) would be super.

But, seems like we could just expose some/all EAs to the prestage settings and allow setting them.

And yes, computed EAs would be great...