Add asset tags on several Ipads

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On JAMF school, it's not possible to add tags on several devices at one time (bulk action). This option is available on other MDM like Meraki and make easy to handle many things.

My concern is to push a profile to all the student ipads upon enrollment, and remove this profile ONLY for the students whose parents want to handle the restrictions at home, one by one.

No way to do this on Jamf, response from the support... I have to create two groups and handle the devices one by one !

I was previously with meraki MDM. A specific tag was set on the device upon enrollment. This tag was associated to the home restriction profile. I only had to remove this tag to have the profile deleted.

Your system is not working with tags, so I cannot do the same. I think it would be a very great idea to add this on further developpements.