Safari Request Desktop Site

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With iOS 13, Safari Request Desktop Site switch is On by default in Settings > Safari. Is it possible to use the mobile Config Profile to disable this?

We have several online services that pass the user login credential to the mobile app when the users click on the mobile app icon. With this Desktop feature, the mobile app icon doesn't appear because it cannot detect that this is an iOS device. Launching the mobile app manually doesn't pass the single sign-on credential to the app.

We're looking into this solution (besides the vendors fix their websites) so we don't have to tell thousands of users including the kindergarten kids to switch between mobile and desktop websites in Safari.


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I'm a little confused at which app is being referred to when you say 'the mobile app'. Is it what is displayed at the top of the screen as a suggested app, in various scenarios? So you enter credentials on a web page, and then a suggested app is shown, and you press on it and the app opens with those credentials?

I haven't seen this yet but it is good to know about. Seems like those web sites may need to be fixed for all future versions of iPadOS now that Safari is a Desktop browser, identifying itself as a Mac!

I don't see anything in the Configuration Profile Reference to set a mobile Safari over desktop Safari. (The current documentation is here). For now you'll have to teach them how to press the AA at the beginning of the URL so they can 'Request Mobile Website'.

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Hi, Did you get a solution for this?

Most of all the ipads managed by us have defaulted to On for Request for Desktop Website which becomes a pain because all ios apps open in safari instead of the app if using links. So for example teachers use Seesaw or Google Classroom and post links to google meet or zoom for students to click on but instead of the actual app opening it opens in safari. Have you found a way to push the setting out to turn it off.