Added Bluetooth Restrictions but still able to turn on/off via control center

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I have a supervised iPhone enrolled with a blueprint that has "Prevent Changes to Bluetooth" checked. Bluetooth was ON when settings were applied and I can see the Bluetooth option in Settings > Bluetooth is greyed out with the text "some restrictions are enforced by admin". This is the expected behavior but the issue is I can still turn on/off Bluetooth via the control center. Is there a way to restrict this?


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I was able to find an "invasive" solution... By removing is located in /System/Library/CoreServices


Beware that there's a typo issue with the command sudo bless –folder ~/mount/System/Library/CoreServices –bootefi –create-snapshot ... You will have to replace the – by -- 

If you still have problems rebooting on the snapshot, THIS worked for me.


Beware that this is not a "clean" thing to do.