Recovering deleted Procreate app data files

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Hello! I accidentally modified the Scope on my installation of Procreate, and by the time I fixed it, the app had been uninstalled and re-installed. 

The new installation works fine, but all of the saved app files (".procreate" art project files) are gone. 

I work with students, and a lot of them are very upset about their work being deleted. 

Is there any way to recover deleted app files like this through JAMF? Or to restore files from the "trash" on the device? 

I've already checked the "Recently Deleted" folder on the iPad.  And its worth noting that these devices were NOT logged into an iCloud account, so restoring an iCloud backup is not an option here. 


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Based on what you posted, I'd say you're SOL here...sorry to say.  If there's no backup anywhere, then there's no place to get them.  But I am confused - where are the docs stored?  I understand all the prefs, etc. being deleted, but not sure why that deleted docs...

Yeah you're likely right here. 
Procreate stores all of its save documents inside the actual app bundle. (instead of on the ipad hard drive, in a documents folder or something).  WHY? NO IDEA!! But they're all deleted along with the app bundle. 

Moving forward I will have students manually export the saves to google drive. 

Thanks for the response! 

See this article.  Seems indeed, you're SOL.  Sorry to say...

Procreate Doc Storage