Adding and withdrawing apps through Jamf Pro 10

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I am use to using Apple Configurator - which has a very simple way of adding and withdrawing apps from iPads. This method allows you to retain your licences. 10 apps installed - 10 licences used. 10 apps withdrawn - 10 licences put back. I can find no easy way of doing this in Jamf Pro 10. I have found documentation for pushing apps out - but was for an earlier version of Jamf Pro. I have found no easy way to delete the apps from the iPad - either it simply hides it ( still taking up space ) or still uses up the licence.
I am getting very frustrated with product. I thought it was suppose to be an answer for “non techie” teachers to be able to simply and effectively manage groups of school iPads. I need an “ idiots” guide to its use. My needs are very simple - install and withdraw apps from iPads, update them and push out certificates.
Can anyone point me in the right direction please ? I’ll add - this is for the version 10 which I gather has a different interface to the older versions.


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I believe that the "non-techie" version is Jamf NOW; Jamf PRO requires a bit of knowledge to move around in. But to start - do you use VPP? If you assign the apps to supervised devices, you can unassign them and re-assign them to other devices. Check out this KB article, I hope it helps! :)