Adding El Capitian Recovery Update 1.0 to AutoDMG OS image

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Has anyone been able to add this update to their OS dmg using AutoDMG? I was thinking about doing the normal workflow for making the OS image but adding the combo update as I know that includes the Recovery update. I'm just not sure if there is a better way to do this or if I add the combo update it's going to bloat the image up.


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@CorpTech have you tried the process that is outlined in the AutoDMG Wiki:

Updating Images

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The full installer downloaded from the Mac App Store should already include this update. Simply create a new DMG, then you won't have to care about the Recovery update.

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My 10.11.2 installer downloaded from MAS did not include the recovery update, actually.

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i can confirm the 10.11.2 installer from MAS does not include the recovery hd update