Adding non Casper Macs to JSS with Autorun Imaging Data

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I'm new to Casper and am an IT Technician at the main campus of an Arts University here in the UK. We're rolling out Casper to our student Macs in some of our studios, however at the moment, we're having to go round manually, NetBoot them and then type in their new Computer Names (they're using a new naming convention).

Is there a way we can pre-add these Macs into JSS with the AutoRun Imagaing settings, including the new host name?

For context, the way we do it for Windows through SCCM is add the computer into it using the Ethernet MAC address and specify the computer name we want it to have, then when it images, it picks up this computer name. I am hoping this is possible with JSS/Casper as this will save myself and my colleagues quite a bit of time as we can automate the initial roll-out.

If you need any more clarifications, I'll be happy to answer.


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Hi @josh-the-tech,

Have a look at Prestage Imaging. It's like Autorun, but for computers that aren't in the JSS yet.

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Hi @kitzy,

Thanks for such a quick response! I will take a look at this tomorrow and discuss it with our Mac Infrastructure Tech who is in charge of the Casper deployment.

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Not really. Auto-run is intended to be used with existing Macs in your JSS. For what you're trying to accomplish, most folks use PreStage Imaging. PreStage lets you add new Macs not already in your JSS to an automated imaging process by serial #, MAC address or just by Network Segment.

The only thing is, the computer names are either input into a list that the JSS draws on as each Mac Netboots or when Casper Imaging opens on it, or you can use Serial #/MAC address + prefix/suffix for the names.
You can't specifically assign each Mac a name since they aren't already records in your JSS.

I might just use something like Serial #, then have a post image script that names them using whatever standard you use. Hopefully its something that can be scripted by pulling information from the Mac itself.