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Does anyone know if there’s an easy way to tell what version of the JSS webapp is installed on a Linux server without logging in to the webapp? I'm looking for a way to programmatically check multiple servers.
Has anyone come up with a good way to determine if pending Apple updates require a restart? I've heard of folks writing an EA that runs softwareupdate -l | grep "restart" but that seems a bit time consuming since software update is already running du...
Here's the situation: all users are being managed through Okta and Google Apps. Until now, this met all needs as most things today will integrate with at least one of those. Unfortunately, Casper does not, and will only talk to LDAP. We tried going d...
Has anyone found a reliable way to do this? What is actually happening when "turn on automatic updates" is clicked?
Here are the links to the session resources. PDF: The official JAMF article on the session can be found here:
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