ADE Prestage Enrolment and unsuccessful login

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I'm facing an issue with the Mac onboarding process using Jamf. The problem arises when configuring a machine on ADE Prestage – the remote management profile displays correctly. However, after installation, login is restricted to admin credentials only. This is because we are deploying a local admin account from Jamf Pro, and any attempt to log in with other user credentials is unsuccessful. 


It's worth noting that this issue occurs within the internal corporate network. On the contrary, successful logins are possible on public networks or personal hotspots


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Based on how the situation is phrased, I'm assuming you are using something like JAMF Connect. As the local account already exists on the device, it does not matter the network state and it can log in without issues. However, with it allowing logins off prem but not on-prem that tells me you are dealing with a network issue not a Mac configuration issue.


I would suggest making sure all the correct hosts and ports are opened for the IDP that JAMF Connect is configured to use for the networks at which your devices exist on. Also make sure nothing is wonky with conditional access configurations.